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Natrubac Drip Line keeps a water distribution system free from blockages, from the manure tank to the drippers.

The special Bacillus bacteria in Natrubac Drip Line produce enzymes that attach to the inner walls of pipes, hoses, and drippers. This creates a biofilm to which prevents adhesion of contamination.

Natrubac Drip Line

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    Initial dose:

    5 liters of Natrubac Drip Line  per hectare.

    Follow-up doses:

    Monthly, use 5 liters of Natrubac Drip Line per hectare.

    If the pipelines are severely contaminated, clean them first with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) before the initial dose. Subsequently, clean the filters and flush the pipelines. Only then begin with the initial dose of Natrubac Drip Line. If contamination is limited, you can start directly with the initial dose. In this situation, there is still a high risk of filter clogging. Clean the filters, flush the pipelines, and then start dripping. Once the pipelines are clean, Natrubac Drip Line will maintain clean. Both the initial dose and follow-up doses can be administered in the morning in one shot from the A-tank, separate suction tank, or daily supply. Additionally, ensure proper aeration of the irrigation water with a venturi, waterfall, or nanobubble system. If there is a prolonged interruption in water supply, such as during the winter period, flush the pipeline system before using Natrubac Drip Line.




    Natrubac Drip Line is not compatible with fungicides, biocides, hydrogen peroxide or chlorineproducts during use.

    After 48 hours you can use these products again.




    Store product in a cool, dry place. Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.

    The shelf life is 24 months.  

    The most optimal effect is obtained at temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees celcius.


    Packed in 5L jerry cans

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